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 Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?

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MessageSujet: Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?   Lun 14 Avr - 13:53

Belle question... à laquelle, nous, les passionnés, avons bien du mal à répondre... C'est que c'est si vaste, si compliqué...   

Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?

My favorite princess of the royal blood is Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen of France until she was overthrown in the French Revolution.

I find her fascinating.

Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?

What makes this 18th century Queen so interesting 200 years later?

I would say there are multiple reasons why Marie Antoinette fascinates and captivates me and others as she did her times.

1st Glamour and Elegance – She was the Princess Diana of her times – for 15 years the fashion trendsetter for France and Europe. She was the center of all eyes at the Court of Versailles, totally outshining her husband the king. And Versailles was the center of civilization.

2nd Sex Appeal – She was Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Britney Spears – the Queen of the tabloids. In a world before radio and TV and tabloids as we know them today, Marie Antoinette was written of and pictured in all the raciest pamphlets of her times, with none to compare.

3rd Power – As Louis wearied in the 1780s, his wife became his closest advisor and as time went on the key decision maker it the fateful year of monarchy.

4th Pathos – perhaps never in human history has man or woman descended from the pinnacle of society to its dregs in quite the fashion of Marie Antoinette.

She was in parts, Princess Diana, MM and Evita Peron and even more … a real life Scarlett O’Hara … who in 4 years, the same time frame as Scarlett saw all that cherished and loved be taken from her …gone with the wind.

There are still more reasons why Marie Antoinette fascinates, including the amazingly dramatic events that marked her life, and others including the amazing 20-year campaign orchestrated to destroy her reputation, but that gives you a start

Queen Marie Antoinette, symbol of the wanton extravagance of the French court.

Stripped of her finery, in the hands of the Revolutionary populace, on her way to the guillotine.

Wonderful answer, thank you, Axel!  Wink 

C'est la première fois que je vois une comparaison entre Marie Antoinette et Eva Peron. Fallait oser!   

rien que la mort peut me faire cesser de vous aimer
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Maria Cosway


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MessageSujet: Re: Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?   Mar 3 Nov - 23:44

Of course we are allowed to disagree !

On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.
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Why the fascination with Marie Antoinette?
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